These days we do a lot of things online. The digital world has grown by leaps and bounds, and the quarantine policies of COVID-19 have pushed people to do business on the internet.
But, when you need to file bankruptcy, don’t kid yourself, thinking that you can do it online, or maybe you know where to find a bargain, or use a Groupon. You don’t want to have just anyone handle your bankruptcy case. Bankruptcy is a serious matter and must be done right! The amount of paperwork required to process your bankruptcy claim has increased over time. Each bankruptcy is just that much different from others that using a reputable attorney is critical!

What’s the Best Time to File for Bankruptcy?

These days, many people have been affected financially by the Corona Virus and are struggling to make ends meet. They may feel overwhelmed by credit card debt and harassed by creditors. As your lawyer, I’ll be able to advise you if bankruptcy is right for you and what the best time is for you to file. We’ll develop our complete strategy at our first meeting.

Organize Your File for Bankruptcy

Organizing your information is critical before you file. If everything is complete and organized, it makes it easier for processing and reviewing. All parties have the information they need. The process of organization will help the trustee make a decision about whether you should have your debt discharged. As your attorney, we’ll work together and make sure we’ve got everything we need, and that your paperwork is in order, and will be processed efficiently.

Choosing Representation for Bankruptcy

You’ve got choices when it comes to selecting your bankruptcy attorney. After you’ve talked with a couple, you’ll notice a difference between them. When you hire Bolden&Little, we’re signed on personally to prepare your petition. From the very first meeting, I explain the whole process, so you know what’s ahead of us. We need to be familiar with your case, through and through. Once everything is prepared, we’ll sit down together and go over the file. I’ll check for understanding, and we will talk about anything about which you might have questions.

Personalized Service for Bankruptcy Clients

We’re passionate about helping folks that are struggling with financial burdens. We don’t believe that any case is “cookie cutter.” Every bankruptcy filing is unique and deserves special care. My job is to ensure that you’re in a good position as we go through the different stages of your bankruptcy.
I recognize that the bankruptcy process is stressful, and I will serve as your trusted advisor along the way. Strategy, organization, and paying attention to the details will save time during the process… and that’s what you’ll get from Bolden & Little when you hire them as your bankruptcy lawyers.
If you want to hear more about the possibility of filing bankruptcy, contact us today, and let’s get together and explore your opportunities. Your consultation is free of charge, and there’s no obligation. You’ll feel a real sense of relief once you see the relief that bankruptcy can bring.


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