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BankruptcyAt Bolden and Little LLC, we are passionate about representing debtors in Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. In plain language, this means we have helped over ten thousand debtors who fell victim to the constant barrage of creditors…. Calling, writing, contacting friends and family, filing wage garnishment orders, and threatening you. We’ll help you MAKE IT STOP! The fact is that it’s not that our clients weren’t trying; it just clearly was never enough to stop the harassment.


Does this sound familiar, or do you know someone with this problem? If you nodded your head in agreement just now, remember… this situation is not your fault! The days of struggling in silence while all your stuff gets repossessed are over. so, come see us now, and learn how you can take control of your finances, consequently keep your property, wipe out debt, and furthermore end creditor harassment today! For these reasons Chapter 13 and/or Chapter 7 bankruptcy can get you back on track, and moreover, in good financial shape!

Who Do We Serve in Bankruptcy Cases in Southern Georgia?

The rules and regs vary in bankruptcy cases throughout the state of Georgia, based on the county or division in which you.
With this in mind we represent debtors in the Brunswick and Waycross Divisions in the Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Georgia. Consequently you must be a resident of one of these counties for us to represent you in a bankruptcy case.

  • Appling
  • Atkinson
  • Bacon
  • Brantley
  • Camden
  • Charlton
  • Coffee
  • Glynn
  • Jeff Davis
  • Long
  • McIntosh
  • Pierce
  • Ware
  • Wayne

See what our Clients have to say

Our Facebook page is a great source of reviews because, at Bolden & Little Attorney at Law, we want you to not only make the right decision and use our services but as equally important – make the decision the first time.

Are you wondering why we can only represent debtors from specific locations? Well, it’s this simple… Bankruptcy is complex, and therefore the quirks of each Judge and Trustee are different. By restricting our filing to the Brunswick and Waycross Divisions, we work with the same Judge, Trustee, and therefore Creditor Attorneys. We have a thorough knowledge of their preferences, and we can predict and solve issues before they occur. As a result we can be confident when we file your case, and we’ll know what the outcome will be.

So, if you don’t live in one of the Georgia counties listed here, call our office, and we’ll definitely get you pointed in the right direction. On the whole we have a network of lawyers that operate outside of our location so that we can send you to one for help.

How To Get Started Filing for Bankruptcy

We definitely make it easy for you to get started! Call our office today, and let’s set up an absolutely no-cost client strategy meeting. You can speak with ease. Confidentiality is guaranteed. Sit down with me, and let’s discuss the best plan for you and your circumstances. Without doubt by having an open, honest conversation, you’ll find that a lot of your fears and concerns about the bankruptcy process will be resolved, and consequently we’ll come out of the meeting with an action plan! For this reason plan to spend about an hour with us to get things started on your bankruptcy case!