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Personal Injury

If you need legal help after an accident or injury, call Bolden & Little, LLC. Since 1994, we’ve focused on getting victims like you as much money as possible, as quickly as possible.


Did you know that Bankruptcy may
• Eliminate Credit Card Bills
• Eliminate Medical Bills
• Stop Foreclosure
• End Wage Garnishment
• End Creditor Harassment

Automobile Accidents

If you’ve been hurt or injured by someone in a car accident, time is of the essence. Don’t fight the insurance companies on your own – call the experienced accident team and we’ll fight to get you the money you deserve.
How do I get started?

Just give us a call and our friendly staff will discuss your legal needs and set up an appointment to discuss your case.

What are your fees?
Our fees are very reasonable and we offer the best value that you’ll find in the area. That being said, for some matters we charge an hourly fee and for others, we charge a contingency fee based on the amount of any recovery or settlement you may receive.
Can I file for Bankruptcy without and attorney?
Bankruptcy law involves complex laws, rules, and regulations. A knowledgeable and experienced local bankruptcy lawyer will make sure that your bankruptcy is filed quickly and correctly. In addition, mortgage companies and other creditors hire teams of aggressive attorneys to fight bankruptcy cases. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can protect your rights from these aggressive collections agents and attorneys make sure you come out on top with the most favorable payment and/or settlement terms.
How can I contact your office?
There are multiple ways of contacting our office. The best method is to call our helpline at 912.287.9155. You can also complete the contact form on this site and a friendly staff member will call you back to discuss your individual situation. If you are located in Waycross, you are welcome to visit our office and see us in person. We look forward to meeting you!
Can you help stop home foreclosure?
Yes, if you are getting behind on your mortgage payment or are facing foreclosure, filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be the best option to keep your home. In Georgia, once you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, mortgage companies are prohibited from proceeding with foreclosure. Any overdue mortgage payments you may have can be placed into your monthly payment that is calculated by your attorney.
Can you stop wage garnishments?
Federal law allows creditors to take money from your paycheck to pay off a money judgment, tax debt, or student loan obligations. The amount that can be garnished is limited to 25% of your disposable earnings (what’s left after mandatory deductions) or the amount by which your weekly wages exceed 30 times the minimum wage, whichever is lower.

Filing for bankruptcy will put an immediate stop to wage garnishments and prevent any creditor from garnishing your wages.

Does filing for bankruptcy stop creditors from trying to call or contact me directly?
Yes, we can immediately stop creditors from calling you. As soon as we file your bankruptcy, your creditors are prohibited from contacting you. They may only contact our office. Once your creditors have been notified of your filing, they are prohibited from contacting you at work, at home, or by cell phone.
Who is eligible to collect Social Security benefits?
If you have worked and paid social security taxes into the system, you may be eligible for SSDI benefits. If you have stopped working, you are typically eligible for 5 years after you’ve stopped working. Therefore, if you must apply as quickly as possible after you stop working to make sure time doesn’t run out for you to prove your disability before your insured status lapses.
Do I need help early in the disability process?
Yes, getting professional help can significantly increase your chances of winning your case. We can help you gather evidence, complete forms, work with disability adjudicators, and walk you through the entire process – even if you haven’t been denied.